Three Great Literary Works of Metafiction to Read (Warning: Restaurant Post)

1. At Swim-Two-Birds (1939)- Flann O’Brien

At Swim-Two-Birds is Flann O’Brian’s first book. It’s also his most well-known. It’s a book about a man writing a book about a man writing a book. This is the epitome of metafiction. It’s also hilarious. Check out my At Swim-Two Birds FFR for more details.

2. Slaughterhouse-Five (1969)- Kurt Vonnegut

You’ve probably at least heard of Slaughterhouse-Five. If you’ve read it, you’ll know that the best parts are 1) the first chapter, where Vonnegut explains everything about the story before it begins, and 2) the other various author interjections and overt manipulations throughout the book. Don’t miss out on Vonnegut’s most popular book based on his experience as a POW in WW2.

3. Lost in the Funhouse (1968)- John Barth

Lost in the Funhouse is a collection of short stories that continually plays with the themes of storytelling. It’s a trippy and wildly inventive ride. From “Frame-tale” to “Title” to “Life-story”, Lost in the Funhouse is soaked with bold self-consciousness and imagination. Check out the FFR this friday.

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