Qualities of Life

The “qualities of life” refers to those attributes that can be found in every single Fast Food Blogging post—-attributes that I believe make life “most” worth living. I want to emphasize the word “most,” because I think there are many reasons why people live. I am focusing on four qualities that I believe are “most” rewarding and “most” fulfilling. I am very aware that this list of attributes is debatable. This is just my list:

1. Reflection on what it is to be human:

Its hard for me to imagine a more worthwhile attribute of living than that which is a pure consideration our own unique existence as a species, both individually and as a whole. What do we experience? What defines us? What is a human being? Who am I? Who are you? Why do we exist?

2. The quest for meaning and truth:

Perhaps equally important, maybe more so, or just slightly less so depending on who you are, is reflection on meaning itself— and beyond that, truth. What do these words mean? Are they just words? Can they be something more? If they are real, then what is the meaning of things? What is truth or “the” truth about anything?

3. Beauty at every level of life:

By beauty I mean the aesthetic qualities of things. I think beauty can also be used in a moral or abolute sense like meaning or truth, which are already “qualities of life” I’m searching for. This aesthetic quality of life is even more ambiguous than the previous quality. What gives something aesthetic quality? In other words, what makes something important to a person, group of people, or culture? The answer is probably related to those previous qualities I mentioned, but I think it’s more than that too. I think it may also be related to the wrongness, the imperfections, the lies of life, but that doesn’t make them any less aesthetically beautiful. From insects to violent films to death, I think there is at least some sliver of beauty in all of life. I hope to point some of those things out.

4. Religion and Irreligion:

The age-old debate… is there a God or are there Gods? Any answer to this question relates to something that I think makes life “most” worth living. Yes, this is still part of “the quest for meaning and truth,” but I wanted to point out these two attributes (religion and irreligion) specifically. The answer to “the God question” will greatly shape how someone views all of the attributes of life that I call attention to.


Where can I find the Qualities of Life?

Look for “QOL” at the bottom of almost every post to see which qualities I think that post best falls into.

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