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Baby Face-FFR

Baby Face (1933)- Alfred E. Green
Verdict: Watch it!

Baby Face has more courage than nearly any film I’ve ever seen. In this banned classic, Lily, played by Barbara Stanwyck, undergoes a transformation from beautiful abused girl to beautiful abusing tigress after a series of terrible circumstances and a philosophy lecture from a Friedrich Nietzsche enthusiast.

It’s an amoral lesson in gaining and maintaining power, and it’s absolutely wonderful. But what’s even more fascinating is that though this is a film about a woman sleeping her way to the top, all the sex is implied. Sure this was made in 1933, but way to go Alfred Green. The audience doesn’t need anything more than you gave them. Prepare to feel morally compelled to support greed and seduction. I can’t give this a higher recommendation. Watch it!

QOL: human, beauty, religion/irreligion