Relationship Issues (Warning: Restaurant Post)

Maybe you’re like me. You love Reading, but you two are having problems. You’re relationship just isn’t what it used to be. Just be honest with yourself, the world has made you callous to monogamy. Television has really caught your eye, but even Television can’t get get your blood moving like the Internet, and you’re just using the Internet to get to Facebook or maybe worse, Twitter. At this point you realize things have gotten out of hand, so you lay low for a while, end all contact with other relationships, and try and refocus your attention on your first love, Reading. You try your old repertoire, but the hammock and comfy chairs at home just send you napping. You try dates, but at the coffee shop you and Reading feel like you’re putting on a show. Outdoors can get too hot, you have terrible allergies, or you get lost doing things, you know, outside. So what do you do? Well, there aren’t any easy answers, but I have discovered one last ditch effort to attempt when even the wooden chair isn’t enough:

Go to a public place with seating, preferably well lit, and avoid as much public exposure as possible. Now since we know it is nearly impossible to avoid all human contact in a public facility, proudly face the direction of greatest visibility, take book in hand, and expose this bookmark:

If this doesn’t work, please don’t stop trying. The world is counting on you two.

(Bookmark for free at Austin’s Book People.)

QOL: human, meaning and truth

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