Quote of the Week 1/27-2/2/13

Knowing one’s ‘individuality’. We are too prone to forget that in the eyes of people who are seeing us for the first time we are something quite different from what we consider ourselves to be: usually we are nothing more than a single individual trait which leaps to the eye and determines the whole impression we make. Thus the gentlest and most reasonable of men can, if he wears a large moustache, sit as it were in its shade and feel safe there he will usually be seen as no more than the appurtenance of a large moustache, that is to say a military type, easily angered and occasionally violent and as such he will be treated.”

—Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak (Aphorism 381)
QOL: human, meaning and truth


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  1. Teucrian,

    If a man sits in the shade of his moustache, content to allow others to form their opinions and treat him thusly, how long before he, quite unawares of himself, becomes his own moustache, with only blankness behind?

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