Cloud Atlas- FFR

Cloud Atlas (2004)- David Mitchell

Verdict: Read it!

A novel that tells six different plot lines— each of which explores a different point in the past, present, and future—is at minimum, ambitious. Fortunately, Cloud Atlas is also a fun insightful ride. Taking cues from Nietzsche and several other philosophical points of view, David Mitchell strings you along a universe that expands, stalls, and collapses back in on itself, where events in the past effect the future, and where events in the future may even effect the past.

While the individual plot lines aren’t wholly original, and the final emotional impact of the work is somewhat stilted because of the structure of the novel itself, that’s a minor complaint when the book is so well told and other random emotions throughout creep up on you so unexpectedly. When it comes to Cloud Atlas, I can’t say anything about the movie, but as for the book…Read it!

QOL: human, meaning and truth

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