Beasts of the Southern Wild- FFR

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)- Benh Zeitlin

Verdict: Try it.

To say Beasts of the Southern Wild is colorful or imaginative is an understatement. And Quevensehane Wallis and Dwight Henry (particularly Dwight Henry) cannot be praised enough for their acting. Unfortunately, they blow loud gorgeous trumpets in a film that I wish was as brave as it looked.

While the obvious message to affirm life even while living under incredibly harsh realities is obvious, I felt the director chose to shy away from sending home its more controversial underlying political message. Instead the film chooses to end on its own “cleverness” and beauty—as a result, it loses some of its  impact. But again, the two lead performances are phenomenal and the main themes will be widely appreciated. Maybe that’s enough to look past the problems. Try it.

QOL: human, beauty

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