The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche- FFR

20120727-101923.jpgThe Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (1913)- H.L. Mencken

Verdict: Read it!

Want to read about Nietzsche, but don’t have a lot of time to do so? Then H.L. Mencken’s work is just for you. In 145 pages Mencken summarizes Nietzsche’s life and his most important contributions to philosophy. He also does a fantastic job interpreting modern points of contention in Nietzsche’s work, especially the übermensch and eternal return. Mencken even includes succinct and sometimes biting criticism of Nietzsche (though sometimes I completely disagree with him). Too bad the racism of the day is readily apparent in Menken’s work. Otherwise, I would not hesitate to recommend this book to everyone. But if you want to learn about Nietzsche and are prepared for early 20th century racism, read it! (You can find it online…for FREE!)

QOL: meaning and truth

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