An Imaginary Life- FFR

An Imaginary Life (1978)- David Malouf
Verdict: Read it!

David Malouf’s largely forgotten novel follows Ovid, the Roman poet, during his exile in Tomis in 8 CE. This is the perfect opportunity for an author, since no one really knows what happened to Ovid during his exile, and Malouf does not disappoint when it comes to the plot: it is truly the work of an amazing imagination. Malouf excels when it comes to things outside of the plot too. Fittingly, since Ovid narrates, Malouf’s sentences are beautifully lyrical. The character interactions, philosophical wanderings, and wonderful insights into memory and the past, makes An Imaginary Life one of the most enjoyable and powerful books I’ve read in a while. Read it!

QOL: human, meaning and truth

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