The Man Who Fell to Earth- FFR (Warning: Restaurant Post)

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)- Nicolas Roeg

Verdict: Think about it.

When you think about David Bowie’s influence on the world you might come to the conclusion that he is either a time traveller, a genius, or an alien. Nicolas Roeg clearly clearly decided that calling Bowie a time traveller was a bit derogatory, and chose instead to argue for both of the two more fantastical possibilities.

The Man to Fell to Earth (based on the novel of the same name) is about an alien who travels to earth to obtain water for his dying planet. But I wouldn’t call this formulaic sci-fi. This is far too bizarre and sexual for to fit tightly in that category. Be warned, when I say bizarre and sexual, I really mean it. For some that will be a great thing, for others will not. The performances are extremely memorable and fit the tone of the film perfectly. Roeg as usual conveys isolation and loneliness in a way that few directors can. There is also one particular scene that is easily one of the best of all time (sorry, I can’t spoil it). But no matter how much you like the film, you will likely find one nagging flaw—the plot often jumps forward in time without warning or reorientation. You can definitely follow the movie, but expect to get a little tossed around in the process.

If you can get past jarring leaps in time, and don’t have a problem with explicit sex scenes, you will find a fascinating and powerful film, but it’s not for everyone. Think about it.

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