Moby-Dick in Pictures- FFR

Moby-Dick in Pictures: A Drawing for Every Page (2011)- Matt Kish

Verdict: Read it!

Matt Kish did not disapoint with his monumental effort to illustrate one quote from every page of Moby-Dick (my favorite book). The art itself focuses on Kish’s own inspiration within the quotes, not necessarily a literal reading of them, and it’s the reader benifits. His work is dramatic, inventive, and at its best, deceptively simple. It will plunge you back into the sea with Ishamel. It will make you want to re-read the novel. It’s inspired me to illustrate a bit as well.

This is a great coffee table book. It is also a great piece to get people talking. If you are like me, maybe you will even try to sell your friends on it. Maybe you can convince them to read the actual book too. Minus a few pages of nudity, I have no hesitations to recommend this to anyone. Read it!

QOL: beauty

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