Existentialism and Human Emotions- FFR

Existentialism and Human Emotions (1957)- Jean-Paul Sartre

Verdict: Read it!

In 96 pages Jean-Paul Sartre manages in to craft one of the most succinct and moving works on existentialism. Yes, this is Sartre’s philosophy, but it is also a great foundation for understanding the ideas of Nietzsche, Kierkegard, Hiedeger, Camus, and Sartre himself, obviously. Ultimately, this book argues that existentialism, far from a hopeless nihilism, is a philosophy of deep and profound responsibility, freedom, and action. Existentialism and Human Emotions is a work of love.

If you are knowledgable on the subject, this is a great refresher. If you are new and interested in the subject, this is may be one of the best places to start. Read it!

QOL: human, meaning and truth

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