I clowns- FFR

I clowns coverI clowns (1970)- Federico Fellini

Verdict: Think about it.

I clowns begins with a boy staring out his bedroom window to see a circus being raised up. He then sneaks out of his home and visits this circus. There he experiences the bizzare world of clowns, and he would never be the same. This boy is Italian director Federico Fellini himself, and the rest of his film alternates from documentary interviewing Europe’s modern day clowns, Fellini’s philosophical fascination with them, his memories of them, and pure fantasy. Fellini eventually makes his own hypothesis: “the circus is dead,” and ends the film with a grandiose vision of the circus through a bizarre recreation of a funeral of a famous clown.

I clowns transports you to a world ten times wackier than Tim Burton’s best, but also a world at times more fascinating, and of course real. That’s as far as this film really goes. If you expect more than what I described, watch something else. Think about it.

QOL: human, beauty

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