Hondo- FFR (Warning: Restaurant Post)

Hondo (1983)- Louis L’Amour

Verdict: Read it!

Apache warriors led by Chief Vittoro fight to reclaim their land from white men. Apache raised cowboy Hondo Lane must give notice to the Calvary that Vittoro is on the offensive, and return back to Apache territory in time to save a woman and her son in the middle of the warpath. Have you read Louis L’Amour? If not, this is a great place to start. Hondo is a riveting adventure filled with colorful characters, great treatment of both sides of the American-Native American issue, and complicated romance.

My one complaint with the Hondo is a plot related issue near the end that I can’t mention without spoiling some of the story. At the same time, the rest of Hondo is so good, I’m willing to overlook it. Most people will too.

Hondo Lane is the epitome of cowboys. Sam, his dog, is the pack leader of canines. Hondo, the novel, is one of the best westerns I’ve ever read. Read it!

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