La Jetee- FFR

La Jetee (1962)- Chris Marker

Verdict: Try it.

La Jetee is Chris Marker’s award winning time travel science fiction short that inspired 12 Monkeys. If you watch both films, the references will be very obvious to you. Will everyone like it? No. It’s made almost completely from black and white still images, the “special effects” are non-existent, and the entire story is narrated by one voice. And I’m afraid those three qualities, while exciting to some, will cause many to lose interest.  But I think everyone should give it a chance. It’s a powerful story that was created by a master. It inspired the likes of Terry Gilliam and David Bowie. It’s also only 30 minutes long. Try it.

I’ll make it easy for you. Here’s the first part of the english narrated version bellow (find the rest on youtube):

QOL: human

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