Action Comics #1 (2011)- FFR (Warning: Restaurant Post)

Action Comics #1 (2011)- Grant Morrison

Verdict: Try it.

Part of DC Comics New 52 reboot, Action Comics #1 tells the story of a Superman who is a little less put together (in power, maturity, and dress too). It nods back to the Golden age when Superman wasn’t afraid to intimidate his opponents. And it will rub Silver Age purists the wrong way. To me, this the beginning of something new and probably better.

This first issue is a roller coaster ride with great action ripping through panels by Rags Morales. Some have commented on similarities between this version of Clark Kent and Peter Parker. I think this is the most valid criticism of the issue. At the same time, with Grant Morrison at the helm, I don’t think anyone should be very concerned about Superman turning into Peter Parker.

Don’t let the changes in costume and attitude scare you off. Relationships and suspense are growing. Superman is too. The future looks exciting. Try it.

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