It’s Official: Superman is Better than Batman (Warning: Restaurant Post)

Will Superman going to become like Batman in the near future? Grant Morrison shares his thoughts with (this is a condensed and slightly edited version of what he said)

“He always represents our highest ideal of what we can be at any given time……”

“I wouldn’t say that anything I’m writing in the new stuff is anything like Batman. He’s not that character at all. He’s a much more… even though he’s a more isolated character, he’s still upbeat, because you’ve got to remember that no matter how isolated Superman is, he always stands for the best. So although, you know, Batman only lost two people, Superman lost millions, billions of Kryptonians. I mean that guy really suffered. He’s always been in a much worse place than Batman, but at the same time he’s always had a very different way of dealing with it. So no, we’re not going to see a brooding Superman crouched in gargoyles or any of that.”

Okay, so it doesn’t prove anything really. But I like it!
See the full interview with Grant Morrison on the embarrassment of comic books, his new book Supergods, Superman, and more here.

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