What is Fast Food Blogging? (Warning: Restaurant Post)

Welcome to Fast Food Blogging, currently a one-man project to capture as much relevant media on the “qualities of life” as possible. The phrase “qualities of life” refers specifically to those attributes in modern culture which make life most worth living (reflection on what it is to be human, the quest for meaning and truth, beauty at every level of life, both religion and irreligion) — attributes which I know are subject to debate. I created this blog to those discoveries with others. In the current sea of advertisement and the identity shaping forces of the market place, I hope you find the discoveries on this blog helpful and compelling.

Like most bloggers, I try to post frequently. You can expect at least one quote, one Fast Food Review, and one discovery related post every week. Unlike most bloggers, I try to keep things short and sweet. Thus, you get the concept of fast food (quick and easy meals). If a post is longer than one-fourth of a page, it will be marked—- (Warning: Restaurant Post).

This is Fast Food Blogging: Where finding quality culture is as easy as grabbing a burger and fries. Enjoy!


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  1. interesting post – looks like heathy is back in fashion…!

  2. Thanks Steve. Hope you enjoy the blog.

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