Cave of Forgotten Dreams- FFR

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)- Werner Herzog

Verdict: Watch it!

Werner Herzog was allowed by the French Government to explore inside the Chauvet Cave in southern France in order to film a documentary about the cave paintings inside. These cave paintings important for two primary reasons: One, they are the oldest known in the world (dated to 32,000 BP). Two, they are—miraculously—in pristine condition. Because of concerns for the cave, Herzog was given extreme constraints. He had six days to shoot inside the cave with four hours of filming time each day. He was also restricted to a three man crew, a two foot wide walkway, only battery powered equipment that the crew had to carry, lights that gave off no heat, and the list continues on. Of course that didn’t stop Herzog from putting together another mind-blowing documentary. Perhaps the best moments in the film belong to segments where the caves do the talking. Examples of fully-tonal mammoth flutes make a close second though. Everyone should see this. Period.

Note: Since there is really no way for you to visit the cave, I would recommend seeing this in 3D if possible.

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