30 Day Book Challenge: FFB Style

I saw this on a subscribers blog. It seems like a fun project. However, I will make some changes. First, I will alter the topics slightly from the typical challenge that way there are no repeats. Second, I will make this a “Fast Food” 30 Day Book Challenge. Third, I will incorporate the “qualities of life” theme.

Day 1: Favorite book
Day 2: Least favorite book
Day 3: Book that makes you laugh out loud
Day 4: Book that makes you cry
Day 5: Book you wish you could live in
Day 6: Favorite young adult book
Day 7: Book that you can quote/recite
Day 8: Book that scares you
Day 9: Book that makes you sick
Day 10: Book that changed your life
Day 11: Favorite book from your favorite author
Day 12: Book that is most like your life
Day 13: Book whose main character is most like you
Day 14: Book whose main character you want to marry
Day 15: First “chapter book” you can remember reading
Day 16: Longest book you’ve read
Day 17: Shortest book you’ve read
Day 18: Book you’re most embarrassed to say you read
Day 19: First book that made you want to read
Day 20: Book you keep thinking about
Day 21: Favorite picture book from childhood
Day 22: Book you plan to read next
Day 23: Book you tell people you’ve read, but haven’t
Day 24: Book that contains your favorite scene
Day 25: Favorite comic book
Day 26: Favorite nonfiction book
Day 27: Favorite short story collection
Day 28: Last book you read
Day 29: Book you’re currently reading
Day 30: Favorite coffee table book

QOL: human, meaning and truth, beauty, religion/irreligion


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    • I’m glad someone else thinks so! Since I found the Book Challenge, I’ve been searching the internet for all different kinds. They all seem pretty fun. It’s a great way to get to know someone. It’s also a great way to give people suggestions for things to read, see,do, etc. Maybe it could even encourage some kind of dialogue.

      • It would really be great if it could get those effects you’re talking about! And hopefully it will, I’ll make sure to look into your book-challenge posts! I’ll also look up the similar ones you’ve seen and see if I can create my own. Can’t wait!


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