Swamplandia!- FFR

Swamplandia! (2011)- Karen Russell

Verdict: Read it!

Thoughts: You have to read Swamplandia! I’m not saying you have to buy it, but you have to read it. I will usually skimp out on plot description, but I can’t this time: Follow Ava and the rest of the Bigtree clan as they try to salvage their family relations and what is left of their alligator theme park after the death of Hilola Bigtree, mother and star performer of Swamplandia! Yes, family, death and an alligator theme park. Sound interesting? It is. The book is at once inventive, grounded, mesmerizing, and horrifying. I’ve never read anything quite like it. Do not miss out!

Also….. Here’s an interview with the author, Karen Russell. The link also includes a free sample of the book. If you read this blog, you should at least check it out.

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