Quote of the Week 4/10-16/11

…many people around universities love to brag “I don’t watch TV” [crowd laughter]. Well damn [crowd laughter]. Well damn that’s historically crazy and unconscious. Don’t you realise that that’s something like saying after the invention of the Gutenberg printing press, and then later the availability of cheap printed material, to go snottily around saying “Well I only read things hand written in Latin, I don’t read these books off the printing presses” [crowd laughter] “These paperbacks? To hell with them! They’re the devil’s things” [crowd laughter] “I don’t read those paperbacks”.

Well, that’s how I feel about intellectuals “Oh, I don’t watch TV…” As if you could escape an entire world whose culture is being shaped by this and the subjectivities of millions of what will be culture and objective spirit, shaped by these instruments and new forces. As if one could escape it by turning a switch. That’s why I say you can’t turn off TV. It can turn you off, but you can’t turn it off. You can’t make it disappear, but it can make you disappear. I mean, it’s just not that relation.

—Rick Roderick (Nietzsche as Artist 1991)

—Full transcript and video here.

QOL: human, beauty

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