Three Modern-Day Westerns to Read

Three modern-day books with typical western themes— lowlifes running from the law or other lowlifes, reflections on morality, some contemplative journeying, and brutal acts of violence. You can learn a lot about life from the perspective of a contemporary wanderer. Don’t miss out.

1. American Rust (2009)- Philipp Meyer

High School graduates Isaac English and Billy Poe decide to run off to California. Along the way English and Poe commit a violent act that changes their lives forever.

2. No Country for Old Men (2005)- Cormac McCarthy

After stealing a briefcase full of $2.4 million from some dead guys, Llewelyn Moss must avoid “ultimate badass” Anton Chigur and other gun-wielders who want the stash. Aging Sheriff Bell tries to make sense of it all.

3. Nobody Move (2009)- Denis Johnson

Description from Nobody Move concerns a “lovable loser named Luntz—barbershop-chorus member, Hawaiian-shirt wearer, and inveterate gambler—who is in debt to an underworld bad guy. ‘My idea of a health trip is switching to menthols and getting a tan,’ he tells Anita Desilvera, a beautiful Native American woman whom he beds after a boozy night out, and who has bad guys of her own to escape.”

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