Artist’s Corner: Writing Tips from Published Authors (Warning: Restaurant Post)

So you want to write fiction. Me too. After I went to a writing panel two weeks ago, I’m pretty sure everyone does. Good luck!

Here are six points I found encouraging from that panel (some points which you may be well aware of) about the nature of ideas in novel writing, whether they come from inspiration or perspiration and how a writer can keep motivated with them. Interesting? Yes. Vague? Yes. Worth my time? You decide.

1. Ideas come from ideas (the whole no idea is original thing, but also your own ideas generate other ideas)

a. They come from experience and memories, imagination,
and what you have read.

2. In order to keep momentum/inspiration it is vital to find other ideas to attatch to your original idea. This chain is what moves your story forward. The more ideas you have, the farther you can go.

3. Start writing before you think you are ready.

a. Don’t get too caught up in research, “do I know enough” type issues. You have to start at some point, so commit already and get to it.

b. Don’t psychoanalyze what you are writing or why you are writing it. Learn about that afterwards. Ignorance is a good thing for a writer. It helps keep interest.

c. Trust that you know more than you think you do.

4. Writer’s block is really just a lack information. You haven’t given you story enough time, attention, or research… so do that.

5. Its all about discipline and keeping up morale. Do that by:

a. Thinking about your successes in the rest of your life.

b. Writing everyday or frequently. With discipline you can
put yourself back into “inspiration.”

6. Some writer’s try so hard to avoid big things and cliche and it handicaps them. Your writing needs a pulse. Don’t try so hard to avoid what you are afraid of.

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