Artist’s Corner: Four Stories in the Fascinating Life of Werner Herzog (Warning: Restaurant Post)

Can’t get enough of Werner Herzog? Neither can I.

  1. Apparently, in 2006 German director Werner Herzog saved Juaquin Pheonix from an immanent and fiery death. Check out the Washington Post article here.
  2. Looking for another Herzog documentary? Yesterday all U.S. rights for Werner Herzog’s 3D Documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams have been acquired by IFC Films. Check out the full press release and video of Herzog talking about the documentary here.
  3. An interesting interview with Herzog on Reading and 3 films can be found here.
  4. Have you ever wondered how Herzog might describe his childhood?

Herzog on growing up in postwar Bavaria:

“I did not know what a banana was until I was twelve and I did not make my first telephone call until I was seventeen. Our house had no water-flushed toilet, in fact no running water at all. We had no mattresses; my mother would stuff dried ferns into a linen bag, and in winter it was so cold I would wake up in the morning to find a layer of ice on my blanket from frozen breath. But it was wonderful to grow up like that. We had to invent our own toys, we were full of imagination. . . kids in the cities took over whole bombed-out blocks and would declare the remnants of buildings their own to play in where great adventures were acted out. . . It was anarchy in the best sense of the word. There were no ruling fathers around and no rules to follow.”

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