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Three Novels from 2011 to Read (Warning: Restaurant Post)

Looking for something new to read? Try any of these three outstanding novels from 2011. In no particular order:

1. The Sense of an Ending (August 4, 2011)- Julian Barnes

(For those of you looking for something to leave you rethinking your own life.)

By way of a lawyer’s letter, Tony Webster must confront his past–his schoolboy friendships and his failed romantic relationships. As he does so he starts to discover that his memory is even more faulty than he first believed, that he must rethink the way he sees himself and others, that he must take more responsibility for his past, and that he may not be able to make complete sense of things.

2. The Tiger’s Wife (March 8, 2011)- Tea Obreht

(For those of you looking for a fresh new literary talent.)

While in an unnamed Balkan country with her mission team to help inoculate children at an orphanage, Natalia, a young doctor, must battle against village superstition and secrets. She also hopes to uncover secrets infecting her own life: particularly the secrets hidden within the final days of her grandfather’s life, who was also a doctor, and those mysteries contained in two supernatural stories he told.

3. Swamplandia! (February 1, 2011)- Karen Russell

(For those of you looking for something almost otherworldly.)

Follow Ava and the rest of the Bigtree clan as they try to salvage their family relations and what is left of their alligator theme park after the death of Hilola Bigtree, mother and star performer of Swamplandia!

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