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Moonrise Kingdom- FFR

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)- Wes Anderson

Verdict: Watch it!

Wes Anderson has finally made a film that will work for a mainstream audience. Don’t worry longtime fans, you will love Moonrise Kingdom too. The story follows two troubled youths who runway from home and camp who hope to find love and acceptance with eachother. Sound silly? It is, and it’s filmed appropriately so. At the same time Anderson makes you feel for the characters—–and you likely will feel for them more than you have for any of Anderson’s characters before.

The acting was particularly fantastic (even Edward Norton, who I typically do not enjoy watching). Meticulous wardrobe and stage design is as present as ever, as is the humor, and great music too.

While not my favorite Wes Anderson movie, I feel confident in saying that it will be his most well received by the majority of people. Watch it!

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