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Take Shelter- FFR (Warning: Restaurant Post)

Take Shelter (2011)- Jeff Nichols

Verdict: Watch it!

When Curtis starts seeing visions of a storm raining motor oil, he gets a little nervous. When he starts seeing those he loves being taken way from him or attacking him, he starts freaking out. Whether the strange tornados he sees outside his house are real or not, doesn’t matter. Curtis has to protect his family from the possibility of a storm “like you have never seen,” even if these visions are just part his mother’s illness being passed down to him.

Take Shelter works because of its suspense and its acting. Michael Shannon (Curtis) and Jessica Chastain (Samantha), once again reprise their roles as crazy man, and devoted but suffering house wife, but they do this with enough subtlety (and practice) that the audience buys it more than ever before, and they well deserve their respective actor blow up moments. These are, to me, both of their very best performances yet. The acting combined with the special effects and horror elements also work in keeping the audience guessing if Curtis is schizophrenic or not, and in keeping us terrified by what will might next.

What doesn’t necessarily work is the final payoff. I liked it, but many do not and will not. I wont spoil anything, so I’ll stop there. Decide for yourself. Watch it!

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