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The Dark Knight Rises- FFR Redux

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)- Christopher Nolan

Verdict: Think about it.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that despite its flaws, The Dark Knight Rises was still a must see film. Well, I’ve gone back on that verdict. As time has gone on, some of the strengths still linger in mind (some of the acting, the first fight scene, the basic concept behind the film), but the bad sticks out even more transparently. I also no longer feel the need to bend over backwards to make myself like The Dark Knight Rises. I do like it (a little bit) and it is a must film see for those who love the rest of the trilogy, if only to simply complete the arc. It’s just not a must see for anyone else.

Extreme gaps in logic, Joel Schumacher-esque dialogue between vigilantees in costume, and a distant twinkling nuclear explosion equals bad—really bad. So if you still haven’t seen it and want to, take a second. Prepare yourself. Think about it.

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