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FFB 30 Day Movie Challenge- Day 4: Favorite Sci-Fi movie

12 Monkeys (1995)- Terry Gilliam

Although Close Encounters of the Third Kind fit into the science fiction genre on the surface, there are just too many other thiings happening inside for it to sit there comfortably. 12 Monkeys on the other hand is pure science fiction. And in terms of pure science fiction (and Terry Gilliam) movies, 12 Monkeys is easily my favorite. Yes, I like 12 Monkeys more than  Brazil. To me, this is the best film meditation on time travel. It also contains my favorite performances by Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. Gilliam’s nearly demon-possessed circus style works perfectly for the giant puzzle the film sets up too. 12 Monkeys will keep you scratching your head until you watch it a second and third time. Then you’ll watch it again.

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