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Saga of the Swamp Thing Volume 1- FFR

Saga of the Swamp Thing Volume 1 (1998)- Alan Moore, John Totleben, Steve Bissette

Verdict: Read it!

Hate Comic Books? Read Alan Moore’s first volume of Swamp Thing, and then tell me of you feel the same way. Swamp Thing was headed down hill before Moore took over. When he did, he created one of the greatest comic book runs and heroes of all time.

But Saga of the Swamp Thing Volume 1 is less superhero story than horror story with enough deep psychological roots to keep those who hate horror (me) completely engrossed. Swamp Thing is not a man with special “swamp powers” wearing a crazy outfit. Swamp Thing is nature come to into consciousness over the shape of a fried corpse and that corpse’s memories. The art, while aged, is still gorgeous and appropriate for the tone of the volume. This is a classic for everyone to enjoy. Read it!

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